How To Find The Right Lens For The DSLR Camera

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The DSLR Camera Choices Are Plenty These Days

dslr cameraWith so many lenses out there it may be a nightmare to find the right lens for your camera. A DSLR camera is one of the best cameras to take incredible photos with. It gives you plenty of control over the camera’s settings so you can shoot some pretty unique photos.

Proper care needs to be taken to find the most appropriate lens for your camera. Otherwise, it will be a complete waste of time and money finding the wrong lens which won’t suit your needs.

The following tips will help you find the right lenses for your photography style.

Image quality

Ideally for great images, you need to have a lens with image stabilization for those moments when your camera shakes or if you are prone to shaking by yourself as you take photos.

Future lens usability

Future lens usability should account for the lens you do end up buying. This is because lenses do tend to last for quite a while. You can either go for full-frame lenses or crop-sensor lenses. You can place a full-frame lens on a crop-sensor camera body but you can’t put a crop-sensor lens on a full-frame body. This is because unlike full-frame lenses, crop-sensor lenses do tend to go further back into the camera bodies. Please note that adding a full frame lenses on a crop-sensor body, although good for extending the zoom range, may not be good if you want to take wide angle photos although it does have a longer focal distance.

Zoom Vs Fixed Focal Length Lenses

With the zoom lenses, there is no need to move from position to position since you are able to simply zoom in or out from your subject. The Fixed focal length lenses on the other hand require you to move positions in response or pursuit of your subject.

Style of photography

Generally speaking, the lenses you choose will greatly depend on your style of photography. As such, it is important to know your style of photography before setting out to buy new lens.

Different photography styles:

  • Macro photography which commonly makes use of subjects such as flowers, insects, or jewelry for close-up shoots makes use of macro lens.
  • Wildlife or sport photography for taking shots of sports activities, or wildlife requires the use of a fast and strong zoom lens for quality photo shoots.
  • Landscape photography which makes use of wide lens for stunning landscape photos.
  • Portrait photography does require a fast lens that is meant for shooting indoors without flash if beautiful portraits are to be gotten.
  • Food photography also requires fast lens to be used for taking food photos.

Ultimately, the ball is in your court as to the best lens to buy. Where possible, it is better to rent your ideal lens to get the feel of how it works before actually spending your money on it. This way, you get the most appropriate lens for your style of photography.


This article was contributed by Mario who runs Celebrity Photo Booth, which is a Photo Booth Rental company based in Toronto. He’s been in the industry for a few years now and loves using his services to add the icing on the cake to big events. He also has a lot of experience when it comes to taking professional photo’s in his spare time.

Take Memorable Photos During Your Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

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Beautiful Grand Canyon Rafting Trips Pictures

Why not build up your action sports photographry stockpile? Why shouldn’t your Grand Canyon rafting trips vacation be just as physically challenging as it is fun? You need an activity that’s going to keep you, and whoever you bring, as fit as a whistle. When it comes to learning how to deal with a quickly changing situation, or thinking fast on your feet, nothing’s going to teach you better then a nice, long rafting trip through the grand canyon.Grand canyon Rafting Trips

Rafting Photography Is For Beginners Or A Long Time Rafter

Some beginners may be worried about not being able to experience the current, and full adrenaline rush that the rafting trip has to offer. They might think they’re too inexperienced to pull against the rocks and waves that may smash against the raft. They don’t want to lose their DSLR of GoPro! This simply isn’t true. Experience is always going to be the best teacher; and no beginner will be left out on a raft alone. No matter how much experience you’ve yet to have, you’ll be able to enjoy the activity in full.

The Cost

Grand Canyon rafting trips vary in price depending on how long you want to experience them. For someone interested in spending five days rafting, they’ll need to cough up a small budget for the vacation. Longer rafting trips are more expensive. The longer you spend out on the trip, the more value for your dollar.

You may take an short or long rafting trip. These rafting trips include instructors, and activities. They’re rafting trips that are a little more independent and rough that my be cheaper.

Interesting View

When you choose Grand Canyon rafting trips as a fun vacation, you’ll see some of the most interesting structures nature has to offer and that is the perfect moment to take pictures . The beautiful reds around you will make you feel like you’re on another planet. You’ll enjoy every contour of every valley and hill as you glide around on the natural current that the wonderful rapids supply there. Tired of the same old? Want a truly exciting, and different experience? You need to try a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

See Las Vegas

They’re some areas on the grand canyon rafting trip where it is possible to see the lights of down town Las Vegas. Why not be one of the lucky few that get’s to catch that glimpse of the city? It’s an experience you simply can’t duplicate. You could be enjoying the scenery this summer. It’s time to book your Grand Canyon rafting trip so you can see what you’ll spy.

Wild Life

The squirrels that run around your neighborhood can get pretty boring. When you’re on a grand canyon rafting trip, you’ll see loads of interesting insects, fish and mammals. Make sure you bring a wildlife guide; so you know which animals not to get too close to. It’s always wise to bring a camera too. You might see some that are pretty interesting!

Enjoy Yourself

These trips can be once in a lifetime, or they can be the start of a whole new hobby. Either way, be sure to enjoy yourself and the physical challenge that is rafting. You can’t miss that opportunity to enjoy and save that memories  taking beautiful pictures.